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Eat Local Challenge: Redirect $10 to local food?

Check this out! Can you eat local each week? This goes along great with my previous post!

Eat Local Challenge: Can you redirect $10 each week to local food? |

It’s really important to eat local. This does two things. First,  lot of restaurants in your area are likely independently owned and operated. The owners may even be your neighbor or friend of a friend. By eating locally and supporting these local restaurants, you are supporting your fellow citizens of your community.

Second, and I think I may have already said this, but all of the money you spend at the local restaurants, has the potential to go back in to your local economy. I’ll bet if you were to look at some of your favorite local restaurants, they by from farms, ranchers, and suppliers that are based in your area.

I’ve typically always believed that it starts at home. Home isn’t just the home you live in. Home is also your community. Big box stores and chain restaurants are convenient, but the local shops deserve your support too.

There’s a chain restaurant in Houston, but the original two locations are still owned by the family. I’ll go out of my way to eat at the original two, versus going to a chain location that is just down the street from me.

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