Robert et Louise

Paris! Easily one of my favorite cities!

About 5 years ago, my wife and I took a trip for our

The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower

anniversary. It was her first trip, my second. She spent weeks, if not months, ahead of the trip researching and finding everything she wanted to do, breaking it down by arrondissement. The trip was fine tuned, even with a few restaurant selections based off of the location of the museums we would be touring each day.

So one afternoon we traveled to the 11th Arrondissement, with the hopes of stopping by the National Picasso Museum. Which we did. But they were closed. For renovations.

What to do, what to do? There were no specific dinner guidelines on the plans for the evening. So we went exploring. I’m sure we found some shops to poke around in, but the standout discovery was a little restaurant we came across, called Robert et Louise. We had just seen Anthony Bourdain eat here on No Reservations and were both immediately drawn to it! We past our time waiting for them to open in a cafe down the street sipping espresso and watching the occasional parade to celebrate the French National Football Team’s advancement in the UEFA Uero 2012.

Finally it was 7:00 and Robert et Louise was ready open the doors. Out of excitement, we may have been the first people in the doors, promptly as they opened. We were kindly greeted by the hostess.

Do you have a reservation?

No. We did not. What to do?

The Grill at Robert et Louise
The Grill at Robert et Louise

The hostess graciously seated us in their downstairs room, where we ate a steak dinner, French style. On the way downstairs, we walked past their amazing open flame grill! This is truly a thing of beauty! Steaks searing on a flat top with firewood stacked around. How could you not enjoy a steak off of something like this?

We paired our steaks with some roasted potatoes, mushrooms, and some greens, munching on fresh baguettes while we waited. I don’t honestly remember, but I am sure we allowed ourselves to be tempted by a creme brule or any other spectacular French dessert on the menu.

With our bellies full and our appetites satisfied, we stepped out in to the French night to continue enjoying the beautiful city. Someday, I hope we will return.

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