Weekly Favorites 03/18/2018 to 03/24/2018

Weekly Favorites

Every week, I see all kinds of food and restaurant related articles. These are my favorites that made the cut!

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Well-done Meat May be Bad for Your Blood Pressure – via upi.com

I’ve never liked well done meat, for any reason. I’ve always thought anything over medium is over done. For me, the meat gets dried out and all of the flavor cooks out after that. Now there it looks like there is some science to back that up!

Alton Brown’s Atlanta – via Garden & Gun

I’ve been to Atlanta once. Just passing through for work, I liked what I saw. Unfortunately back then, I didn’t have much time to stop and explore. Now if I ever get a chance to go back, I can use Alton Brown as my guide! I’m not sure that I would follow his exact schedule, but everything from the apple fritter, to the burger, to the

L’Entrecote at Marcel, served with sauce verte and frites.
L’Entrecote at Marcel, Served with Sauce Verte and Frites.
Photo Credit Garden & Gun/Andrew Thomas Lee

coffee shop sound like they’re just what I would need to go see! And that steak at Marcel’s, makes me want to pack up and head over right now!

How to Make Perfectly Fried Catfish – via Garden & Gun

Perfect Catfish
Perfect Catfish
Photo Credit Garden & Gun/Johnny Autry

There may not be anything better than a fish fry on a Saturday afternoon. Friends hanging around the backyard with a cooler of drinks, waiting on that delicious fish to come out of the oil! Here, Kim Severon gives us a perfect twist on a classic!


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