Weekly Favorites 09/09/18 to 09/15/18

I hate say it, but I have been neglecting my beloved blog lately. My main hustle, has eclipsed my side

Weekly Favorites

hustle. On top of all of that, my life is about to take on another huge change, with the birth of my third son just around the corner. I am hoping that this doesn’t eat in to any of my blogging time, but I am aware of the reality of having a baby in the house. You may have noticed the title of this post, and seen that it is over a month old! It’s okay to take a break from time to time, but it pains me neglect this outlet. Anyway, on to the food!

Another week, another batch of favorites! This week, I decided to focus on my first two food loves, pastries and pasta!

The Ultimate Easy Savory Tart Recipe with Tomato, Pesto, and Goat Cheese – via Tooting Mama

I learned a long time ago that not all pastries are sweet! In Hawaii, I once had savory pancakes paired with fried chicken! That was a huge lesson for my culinary mind. A savory pastry can stand on it’s own as a side? I can’t wait to try this out!

Looking for an easy and delicious recipe? Try this tomato, pesto and goats cheese tart #foodblogger #foodie https://t.co/aVwhfPx69F pic.twitter.com/nJj8FDu6z8

— tootingmama (@tootingmama) September 16, 2018

Hot Chocolate Brownie Ice-Cream Sandwich – via Treasure Every Moment

I live in Texas, in Houston to be exact. If you follow Houston weather at all, you know it’s hot. It’s hot all the time. It’s even hot in the winter! So, we find ourselves drinking hot chocolate, just because it is appropriate for the season! it may still be hot out, but it’s December, so I’m having my hot chocolate. This ice-cream sandwich may be the solution we have been looking for!

SUMMER RECIPE: Hot Chocolate Brownie Ice-Cream Sandwich https://t.co/QyAjWck1Sl #foodblogger #summer pic.twitter.com/ksskuDlfhM

— Helen (@Treasure_E_M) September 16, 2018

Giant Chocolate Chip Sharing Cookie – via Treasure Every Moment

I have a pretty big appetite, sometimes to the point of greed. When the bowl of queso is nearing the end, I find myself sad that the queso is almost gone, only to realize that I have been chain eating chips and queso up until the point it is almost gone! I don’t usually have that problem with cookies, because they are not usually shareable! Challenge accepted!

RECIPE: Giant Chocolate Chip Sharing Cookie – you’ll need all your willpower to not eat it all! https://t.co/05FUcM6J6C #foodblogger #recipeoftheday pic.twitter.com/m4MSAa0cA0

— Helen (@Treasure_E_M) September 16, 2018

Spicy Bacon and Chorizo Penne – via Cooking with Anadi 

This recipe has three of my top requirements: spice, bacon, and pasta! Put these ingredients in any recipe, and you’ll find me drawn to it like a fly to streetlight! Otherwise, this recipe is incredibly simple, with only 5 listed steps, which is another thing I like. I’ve never understood these recipes that list 37 ingredients, with 3 dozen steps. Food should be simple. I can’t wait to try this one!

In need of a bold and hot pasta dinner tonight? This super speedy and spicy penne with bacon and chorizo is the perfect recipe for you! Top it off with fresh basil and parmesan cheese!

RECIPE >> https://t.co/asb8qgESp8#recipeblog #RecipeOfTheDay #Cooking #foodblogger #foodblog pic.twitter.com/IMUCGKysgo

— Anadi Misra (@_anadizzle) September 16, 2018

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