Weekly Favorites 11/11/18 to 11/17/18

Time for a new batch of Weekly Favorites! This week, it only seemed fitting to do a post all about

Weekly Favorites

Thanksgiving! As you prepare your Thanksgiving Day meal, I hope these offer you some inspiration!

Manchego & Chorizo Tapas with Saffron Aioli – via Hardly a Goddess

For a long as I can remember, in my family, the appetizers have been held in almost as high regard as the official meal! Almost to the point where your not hungry when the table is set! I’m thinking these Manchego & Chorizo Tapas will make a great addition to the official Thanksgiving Pre-Game!

This is the best app for T-Day! No bread to fill them up before the big #Thanksgiving meal!=>Manchego Cheese & Chorizo with Saffron Alioli https://t.co/wNb3gwO1Vn pic.twitter.com/41aKVw3qtt

— hardlyagoddess (@hardlyagoddess) November 16, 2018

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes – via The Artisan Life

A few years ago, I got ambitious and decided I was going to get up run on Thanksgiving morning to help counteract all of the calories I was going to consume that day. I ended up finding out that to even make a dent in those Thanksgiving calories, I would need to run close to a marathon. So the easier solution is to just make some healthier food!

Great roundup of healthy Thanksgiving dishes from @Natasha5887 ! #Thanksgiving2018 #Thanksgivingrecipes https://t.co/6DABm4naUt

— Rose Clearfield (@randomcreative) November 16, 2018

Holiday Stuffing Balls Recipe – via The Dizzy Cook

I can’t decide if these stuffing balls would make a great appetizer, or if it’s just a way to simplify trying to stack everything for Thanksgiving on the plate! Either way, these definitely look and sound amazing!

Holiday Stuffing Balls Recipe (Gluten and Egg Free Option) – These balls are so easy and, most importantly, FREEZE beautifully! They’re perfect to make ahead for that Christmas or Thanksgiving meal prep. #thanksgivingrecipeshttps://t.co/GJFY888aLY pic.twitter.com/wAa5pTYuIQ

— Alicia (@thedizzycook) November 12, 2018

20 Minute Cranberry Orange Chutney Recipe – via Went Here 8 This

I’ve always loved cranberry sauce, and not just at Thanksgiving! It goes with more than just the traditional turkey. My mom has always put orange zest in her cranberry sauce. This is a simple version of a quick hearty chutney that can be used around the Thanksgiving table!

This 20 Minute Cranberry Orange Chutney recipe has the perfect combination of sweet, tart and savory flavors for a delicious condiment! #thanksgivingrecipes #cranberries @capecodselect, #frozencranberries, #cranberriesforallseasons https://t.co/Y4ZyITrN1o via @wenthere8this pic.twitter.com/uFDLYB16D3

— Danielle Wolter (@wenthere8this) November 14, 2018

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