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Seafood Pasta Diavolo

I’ve always loved pasta, especially with seafood. The textures and flavors go so well together. It’s especially good with some added spice, like Seafood Pasta Diavolo! Diavolo sauce, or fra diavolo sauce, is typically a tomato based sauce with some red pepper or other spice added to it to give it some heat. Let’s cook! […]

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Weekly Favorites 07/29/18 to 08/04/18

One of the great things about me getting behind in the blog posts, is that you get two posts in one day! Here’s another batch of weekly favorites. This week, it’s all sweets and desserts! Almond Ice Cream Bars – via Game of Cookies When you’ve got two little boys at home, you have to […]

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Weekly Favorites 07/15/18 to 07/21/18

Another new batch of favorite food and restaurant articles! Easy Protein Pancakes – via Maune Legacy Don’t get me wrong, I love pancakes for breakfast, especially smothered in whipped cream, macerated strawberries, and maple syrup. But sometimes, I think it would be nice to get a little bit more nutrients out of them. This pancake […]

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Cast Iron Fajitas

If you’ve been following along for any period of time, you’ve probably noticed that I love fajitas! Whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant, at least two things are almost guaranteed to happen. First, I’ll probably look over the entire menu, only to go back and decide on fajitas. Usually beef, sometimes with shrimp, and […]

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Weekly Favorites 07/08/18 to 07/14/18

Time for another batch of favorite food and restaurant articles! This week, I’m exploring articles from Red Thai Curry Prawns, to Fried Squash Blossoms! Chocolate Coffee Nice Cream – via Daffodils and Lemons It’s interesting to me that even though I am in no way trying to cut out any specific foods in my diet, […]

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Weekly Favorites 07/01/18 to 07/07/18

Time for a new batch of weekly favorites! I’ve found some more articles that I’m really excited to share! Epic Bacon Burger – via Carly Bloggs I think that at this point, you may have realized that I never met a burger that I sent away without eating it! Throw bacon into the mix and […]

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Weekly Favorites 06/24/18 to 06/30/18

Time for a new batch of weekly favorite food and restaurant articles! This week, I have some exciting things to share! Blueberry Friands – via Tania’s Kitchen When I came across this blog post and read the ingredients list, I knew it had to be good! How can you go wrong combining lemon curd and […]

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Weekly Favorites 06/17/18 to 06/23/18

Time for another batch of favorite food and restaurant articles! This week, we go from chicken fajitas, to a vegan, no bake chocolate cheese cake! Chicken Fajitas – via The Indian Claypot I’ve never been shy about my love for fajitas. So when a new recipe option comes available, it is sure to catch my […]