Easter Eggs

Easter Foods for Your Sunday Gathering

Easter is around the corner. Most of us are probably looking for the perfect Easter Foods for our our Easter celebrations. We’re looking for things to get back to normal, if that’s possible, but we’ll take what we can get. Easter may not look like it has in years past this weekend, but we can still make fantast foods for our families.

This week, after a brief hiatus, The Weekly Favorites is back! I chose to feature Easter foods for this batch to help you get ready for this Sunday. I hope these find your way to your menu or at least help you tweak the menus you’re already working on!

I’ve always heard of hot cross buns, but never actually had them before. At least, I don’t think I have. My neighbors went to a British store in our area and brought home some hot cross buns, and I got inspired. Especially, when I found these! Mugcakes are super easy, individual cakes that you make ahead and have set out for any party.

Another one that is great for parties, especially spring time and Easter, is apple pie. These bite sized ones can be set out on a platter on a table for guests to come and help themselves with the mess of a traditional pie. Let’s face it, after you slave over your pie and make it look perfect, it always seems to fall apart, no matter how careful you are when you serve it.

I like deviled eggs, but they could usually stand some help in the presentation department. These Easter bunny deviled eggs do just that! Can you see them set out on the table with the rest of your foods for Easter Sunday?

Well, I’m a sucker for stuffed chicken. It lends itself really well to being filled with something. When you have stuffed chicken in a portable form, it’s an almost perfect dish.

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