Fajitas, not just for Fridays

Fajitas are one of my favorite things to cook. They can be incredibly versatile too. You can turn it in to a salad or even nachos. There are also a lot of options for how you make your fajitas, not just chicken or beef with some peppers.

The classic fajitas are always going to be beef with peppers and onions. As much as I like a rare steak, it’s always nice to get a good sear and almost char the steak the steak. I like to make those peppers and onions almost crispy too.

This is a great example of using different options for your fajitas. Portobello mushrooms do really well on the grill and then when you slice them up, they make the perfect fajita filling. You don’t have to go full vegan or vegetarian though. You can use them in addition to your beef or chicken.

Whenever I go to a restaurant that is trying something new or different with fajitas, I have to try it. Over the weekend I was at a new restaurant that was offering grilled sausage to go along with their fajitas. Shrimp is another example. I always have to try out the shrimp if it is on the menu. 

For a Saturday night at home with the kids, I like to set the food out and let them assemble it themselves. Now, mine are a little too young to appreciate fajitas, but when the get a little older we are definitely going to try out something like this. 

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