Italian Food Pasta

Italian Food, Hearty and Versatile

Italian Food is one of those food genres that is hearty and versatile and covers a wide range of dishes. From fresh pastas to soups and then on to pizzas before heading over to seafood, Italian food covers it all.

This might be an Americanized version of Italian food, but I’m going to let slide. This sandwich is too good pass up. The combination of fried chicken, tomato sauce, and cheese on bread is always a winning combination. 

This would have gone perfectly in last week’s post about sausage. But I’ve never been one to pass up Italian sausage. Those flavors are always amazing. I know some people don’t like the fennel seeds found in some of the Italian sausages, but for me that’s part of the flavor. 

Well I had no idea that October is National Pizza Month! Guess I can’t call myself a true pizza fan. Pizza is one of those Italian foods that covers a lot of ground and lends itself to a lot of creative options. 

The calzone is another great classic Italian dish. Like it’s cousin pizza, you can put all kinds of flavors and ingredients in it. 

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