Meal Kit

Meal Kits – Lifesavers or Environmental Hazard?

Meal kits. They’re everywhere. I watch a lot YouTube when I’m working and I think at least every other ad is for a meal kit delivery service. I know some people that use them and there’s nothing wrong with that. Meal kits do serve a purpose. Sometimes it is hard to make it to the grocery store. Especially lately, when we all have to be extra careful and concerned about social distancing. Then there is the other benefit. Everything is already there in the box, portioned out and ready to go, making a recipe super easy to follow.

But then there’s what I don’t like about them. All of the packaging and portioning. I typically skip the YouTube ads, but I have made it through a few of them. What I have seen for most of them is that they are over packaged. When the meal kit arrives at your doorstep, there is a box, with a box inside, with labeled bags for each meal. Inside each bag, is individually wrapped plastic food items. All of that food has to be cooled somehow too.

What Happens to the Packaging?

After the food is cooked, where does the packaging go? Probably in the trash, unless you’re like me and recycle or reuse as much as you can. Like most, I hate doing the dishes, but I’d rather do my part and avoid using paper plates as much as possible.

I’m not saying that I’m a huge environmentalist. I do my part for the environment, but that’s a different story. I’m not saying that meal kits are evil. They really do work for some people, and really do serve a purpose. They don’t work for me because part part of the joy of cooking is going to the store and picking out ingredients. I do however wish that we would be a little more conscientious about what we are throwing away.

I’m not expecting to change anyone’s mind or disrupt an entire industry. There is some good that comes along with a meal kit service. I just don’t think people should rely on them as their sole source of food.

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