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Crawfish Boil and Jambalaya

This weekend was one of my favorite times of the year, the annual Crawfish Boil! We’re not math people, so we’re not sure which one it was. We couldn’t agree on the 7th or the 8th annual boil. Right or wrong, we went with number 8 for the logo to be emblazoned on cups and […]


Backyard Smoker BBQ Chicken

Time to dust off the blog. I haven’t been keeping up with it the past few years. Things are a little bit different for me now than they were at my last post. I have a new kitchen to play with, but I also have 2 little boys to play with, Oliver and Wes. They […]


Chicken Florentine

Last night I made one of my favorite recipes, Chicken Florentine. It started out as a recipe my dad gave a few years back, that was actually meant to be a recipe for roasted pork. I played around with it a little bit and eventually I was able to turn it in to Chicken Florentine […]


Busy Crazy Weekend!

This weekend was crazy! When we weren’t going to the farmer’s market or headed to the butcher or stopping by Whole Foods to get more supplies, the kitchen was in constant full swing. It started with my wife making some zucchini and carrot muffins and then some cinnamon rolls. Read all about it over at Avante-Garde Living. I […]

Me, Myself, and Cuisine

Me, Myself, and Cuisine – An Introduction

When I’m not making plans towards someday opening a restaurant or catering business, my life stays pretty busy, but I always find time for food. If I’m not watching cooking shows or reading cook books or cooking, chances are I’m thinking about food or headed over to the local farmer’s market. This new blog, Me, […]