Sushi Sign

Sushi I Could Eat Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

Sushi is a food that I never grow tired of, though that wasn’t always the case. The first time I had it, I hated it. Maybe that’s because it was in the Rocky Mountains, nowhere near a water source. You need water to have fresh fish and you need fresh fish to make good sushi. For me, I could east sushi anytime.

Sometimes, my favorite thing about sushi is the presentation. While charcuterie boards are all the rage, the real presentation masters are the sushi chefs. Take some fish, some rice, and some pickled vegetables and make a beautiful creation. Also, sushi with avocado is incredible!

Beyond the presentation and the basic rolls that you can make, some of the best sushi is just somebody getting creative making bowls of deconstructed sushi and salads of pickled veggies.

Beyond the rice and fish, I have to point out the sauces that are some of the delicious sushi. It’s not just soy sauce and ginger and wasabi, though that is an incredible combination. Sometimes the sushi chef will throw something together that is beyond amazing.

Finally, the quality ingredients is what I am here for. There is a reason you hear about “sushi grade” fish. You can’t make something delicious out of low quality fish. Sometimes, a plate like this with perfectly cut fish and fresh veggies is just what I need.

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