Weekly Favorites 02/02/20 to 02/08/20

Weekly FavoritesEvery Saturday, I go through Twitter with #foodblogger and find my favorite food related articles. These are this week’s favorites!

Normally, I think of sushi as fish based food. But there is something to be said for fusion cuisines.

— Parul Dudha (@ParulDudha18) February 8, 2020

Everything about this is screaming at me, “Eat me!” There’s just something about a good runny yolk to sop up with some buttered toast!

Ermagerd, well heeerrrlloooo ❤ (said in my best Kenneth Williams voice 😂)
A pool of deliciousness to mop up with my toast.
Banging brunch this morning using @thehappyeggco #influencer #foodblogger #foodporn https://t.co/dy2aM1cV2K pic.twitter.com/w2pZRjPyKd

— Ms Food Blogger 🍸 (@MsFoodBlogger) February 8, 2020

I may have mention a few times this year that I’ve been trying to be on a health kick. This has been my breakfast most days after all. These protein balls sound like a great snack either pre or post workout or even just a midday snack at the office!

— journey of taste (@kuzminaagneta) February 6, 2020

Even though I’m trying to eat better, these combine two of my favorite things: cookies and red velvet. 

— Hip Mama’s Place (@HipMamasPlace) February 3, 2020

I am canceling dinner plans and making this instead. Holy moly this looks amazing!

— Sher Yip (@Per_Ogi) February 6, 2020

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