Weekly Favorites 03/04/2018 to 03/10/2018

Weekly Favorites

This week’s batch of my favorite food and restaurant articles from around the web!

5 Keys to Homemade Pizza
5 Keys to Homemade Pizza
Photo Credit Outside Magazine

5 keys to Homemade Pizza – via Outside Magazine

We make our fair share of pizza around here and I have to say these are our some very good tips to making better pizza at home. I especially agree with using the ingredients sparingly. One of our favorites to make lately doesn’t use cheese, but has spinach pesto and roasted chicken instead!

The Myth of Authenticity is Killing Tex Mex – via eater.com

I think when most people think about Texas cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is Texas barbecue. While that is an important part of Texas food culture, an often overlooked cuisine is Tex Mex. I’ve found that a lot outsiders maybe don’t get it at first. “Why would I want to eat something smothered in melted cheese?” Well, first of all,

The Myth of Authenticity is Killing Tex Mex
The Myth of Authenticity is Killing Tex Mex
Photo Credit eater.com

that melted cheese is called queso and it is awesome! Once you get passed the basics of the queso and the chips and salsa, there are many diverse flavors that are directly influenced by our neighbors to the south!

The Rules of Cornbreadvia Garden & Gun

The Rules of Cornbread
The Cornbread Debate
Photo Credit Garden & Gun

Nothing says Southern, quite like cornbread. I’ve found that cornbread is also one of the most hotly debated food items out there. The thing they argue the most about is the addition of sugar. My Grandma Dorothy put it in her homemade cornbread. While I don’t necessarily think it belongs, when I follow here recipe I tend to put it in there. Here, Garden & Gun takes up the debate and tries to answer a few questions
surrounding this delicious concoction.

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