Weekly Favorites - Pastries

Weekly Favorites 04/12/20 to 04/18/20

Every Saturday, I go through Twitter with #foodblogger and find my favorite food related articles. These are the Weekly Favorites!

Some weeks I try to have a theme for the Weekly Favorites, and this week was no different! This week’s theme is sweets!

This is chocolate, with chocolate, with more chocolate. Do I need to say more? The nuts and granola on top bring this chocolaty goodness home!

Often times for family gatherings, I will make cinnamon rolls for everyone to wake up to for breakfast. This just might be a recipe I will have to try out next time!

It’s funny that I have included a banana bread recipe in the weekly favorites this week. My wife has been having a hard time finding flour the last few times she has gone grocery shopping.  She might have blamed all of the banana bread posts she keeps seeing on Facebook. Either way, this bread looks amazing. 

I’m typically not a huge fan of no bake recipes. The exceptions are typically when oatmeal is involved. Add chocolate in to the mix and you’ll when me over every time!

Better keep me away from the ice cream aisle. Ice cream and chocolate sauce are my idea of a comfort food when I’m feeling down. 

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