Weekly Favorites 07/21/19 to 07/27/19

Me Myself and Cuisine Weekly FavoritesEvery Saturday, I go through Twitter with #foodblogger and find my favorite food related articles. These
are this week’s favorites!

Sweet potatoes are the perfect fall flavor. Paired with chicken, it is amazing! Fall is not as far away as seems, so now is the time to start planning your favorite meals!

You will love this combination. Try it today! https://t.co/fdaPNuQ3CS #foodblogger #recipe pic.twitter.com/QEsOFGBce9

— Bunnys Warm Oven (@BunnysWarmOven) July 21, 2019

I’m not gonna lie, I love chocolate! These finger biscuits remind me a madelines, and dipped in chopped in chocolate that has to be amazing!

🌸Chocolate Vanilla Viennese Finger Biscuits🌸 Why not treat your friends & family to some weekend baking with these delightful chocolate ganache filled sandwich biscuits? 🌸 https://t.co/Am7DJDp5bG🌸 #RecipeOfTheDay #baking #Sweet #foodblogger 🌸 pic.twitter.com/5i6M8ux88A

— Sammie (@sammiefeasting) July 19, 2019

This sounds pretty good, but better than pizza? I’ll have to try it out for myself!

— Bunnys Warm Oven (@BunnysWarmOven) July 22, 2019

There’s a reason why just about every BBQ restaurant has banana pudding. It is so good! Replacing the vanilla wafers with the chessmen cookies is genius!

— ParnellTheChef (@ParnellChef) July 20, 2019

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