Weekly Favorites 11/17/19 to 11/23/19

Weekly FavoritesEvery Saturday, I go through Twitter with #foodblogger and find my favorite food related articles. These are this week’s favorites!

Pizza is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and it doesn’t even have to be on a bagel! I’m not in college anymore, and even today, one of my favorite breakfasts is still cold pizza!

— WorldWideFood (@_worldwidefood) November 23, 2019

If anyone ever wants to argue that they don’t like chocolate, be afraid. be very afraid!

“Nine out of ten people like #chocolate, the tenth person always lies” 💫🍫#illegal #GoodVibes #SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayThoughts #foodblogger pic.twitter.com/bLOUoKpRFu

— WorldWideFood (@_worldwidefood) November 23, 2019

There really is no wrong way to eat pizza. I’ll even eat it with pineapple. You know, the Hawaiian way!

— Kamila Bome (@KamilaBome) November 18, 2019

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