Weekly Favorites 12/09/18 to 12/15/18

Time for a new batch of weekly favorites! I’m excited about this week’s finds, and I’ve got another

Weekly Favorites

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20 Black Eyed Peas Recipes for New Years – via Penney Lane

It is said to be good luck to eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day! My wife make’s Hoppin’ John and cornbread every year for New Year’s! What traditions do you have? If you don’t have any black eye pea traditions, here are 20 ideas to get you started!

Is it your tradition to eat black eyed peas for #NewYearsDay Here’s 20 creative ways to eat your peas for prosperity: #recipes #foodblogger https://t.co/Qp42qvNtfr pic.twitter.com/kpGAP3qpwz

— Kathy Penney (@KathPenney) December 15, 2018

Braised Beef Burgundy Stew – via La Vida Dulce

Braised beef always just screams my name and reminds of the OG celebrity chef, Julia Child. This Beef Burgundy looks perfect for a cold winter day!

— Gold Hair Dont Care (@YoSoyYayaR) December 13, 2018

What to Drink in New Orleans, LA – via Natasha Liun

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that I love coffee! It’s a constant companion. Combine that with New Orleans, and you’ve got a good thing going!

New post on my blog. Check it out: https://t.co/VEYaOPMLRl
When in @VisitNewOrleans, you’ve got to try out @pjscoffee. #Foodies #foodblogger pic.twitter.com/dlPBbnhFcL

— Natasha L. (@natashaliun) December 15, 2018

Giant Chocolate Chip Sharing Cookie – via Treasure Every Moment

So, I love sweets. Maybe a little bit too much! And this giant chocolate chip cookie looks nothing short of spectacular. I know that the description says it is shareable, but let’s go ahead and be honest with ourselves!

RECIPE: Giant Chocolate Chip Sharing Cookie – you’ll need all your willpower to not eat it all! https://t.co/05FUcM6J6C #foodblogger #recipeoftheday pic.twitter.com/SqDnf9Iz5N

— Helen (@Treasure_E_M) December 15, 2018

Homemade Juicy Chicken Shawarma Sandwich – via Cooking with Anadi

What’s not to love about these Shawarmas? First of all, they’re Mediterranean, which in my experience, all but guarantees that it will be good. Then, you combine grilled chicken and veggies with a yogurt sauce

Shawarmas make for a convenient snack when you’re out and about! But you can definitely make them a special sit-down dinner from home! Grilled Mediterranean chicken, veggies, and a yogurt sauce!

RECIPE >> https://t.co/FBuWvpmgQt#recipeblog #RecipeOfTheDay #Cooking #foodblogger pic.twitter.com/J6lcpUrVaX

— Anadi Misra (@_anadizzle) December 16, 2018

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